Supporting Hawaii with “Aloha Masks”! ~Bringing aloha across the ocean~

JTB Hawaii Travel, LLC
August 06, 2020
written by admin

My name is MAKI from Tachibana Enterprises.

Today I want to feature an item we are sending across the ocean with aloha.

As people in Hawaii are obliged to wear a mask when entering stores, I’m starting to see many people wearing Hawaiian-patterned masks. Though wearing a mask is a normal custom in Japan, I feel that this is becoming a cultural aspect of living in Hawaii as well.

During this crisis, we thought we can show our support to Hawaii though these special Aloha Masks where a portion of the sales of this mask will be donated to Hawaii medical professionals. Each order will receive a Lokahi (“unity” in Hawaiian) message card.
*”Aloha Masks” are masks made from aloha shirt fabrics

JTB strongly hopes that the tourism industry, which is the main industry of the Hawaiian economy, will be restarted and with the hope of being able to travel to Hawaii as soon as possible. JTB Staff at approximately 460 stores throughout Japan are wearing an Aloha mask to support Hawaii.

I am happy that Hawaii and Japan can still be connected though these items, even when travel is restricted. I also would like to give a shout-out to the distributors who are working on the logistics of delivering these masks to Japan.

Tachibana Enterprises will continue to help deliver Hawaiian products to everyone in Japan through the JTB Shopping Online Site and we will strive to keep connecting Hawaii and Japan though these unprecedented times.

Please contact ( for more information regarding the online shopping site items.