Deliver a finished project to include everything possible.

Bobbi LaVoie
MC & A, Inc. / Program Development / Creative Director
Joined in 1995
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To see my ideas come to fruition

Working with a client to develop the best program possible and seeing the ideas actually realized!
I like to deliver a finished project… to include everything possible to make the client happy. Kind of like a package tied with a bow. I do not deliver something that is just okay or partly done.

The intrigity

MC&A is truly an honest company. Everyone does their best to deliver the highest-level of service at a reasonable price to the client. No “games” are played.

Plan to work hard: the gratification of achievement is worth it.

Often I work long hour for rushed projects, but to see it all come together is worth the extra effort. Everyone in the company is committed to making “it” happen.

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