Communication skills" to build relationships with people

Hideki Sakai
Tachibana Enterprises, LLC / Sales & Tachibana Guide Service / Senior Manager
Joined in 2017
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Providing value that only Tachibana can deliver

Before joining JTB, I worked for a travel agency, and the encounters and experiences I had there, including those with clients, were extremely useful to me when I joined JTB Hawaii Travel. Since joining Tachibana, I have been able to provide value to our clients by creating opportunities to share our business with others through people-to-people encounters, utilizing my experiences and connections at each company. What I value about being at Tachibana is being able to serve as a “bridge” between people through relationships.

Business beyond the boundaries of the travel industry

Tachibana Enterprises offers a wide range of services, including operations support for large group golf competitions, golf course reservations with transportation, optional tours, guide services for non-sightseeing tours, a souvenir service that allows you to choose the delivery method directly from an online shopping site (My Gift Hawaii), JAS (Japanese Answering Service– a 24-hour emergency service in Japanese), Nippon Rent-A-Car, which provides all services in Japanese, even for first-time customers, and new DX-type businesses that transcend the boundaries of the industry. We have you covered.

New Sales Styles

I originally came to Tachibana Enterprises in February 2020 from JTB Hawaii Travel, where I had worked in the travel industry. The Corona Disaster is changing the entire travel industry, and I would like to promote sales in new markets, based on our experience and achievements in the travel industry, by proposing solutions to what each client is looking for. We understand market needs because we have experience in the travel industry. We will provide business solutions that can help us and our clients adapt to the new world of a new normal.Let’s find value together!

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