Continuity = Power

Toshihiko Mori
Tachibana Enterprises, LLC / Nippon Rent-A-Car / Senior Manager
Joined in 2010
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Great pleasure working in a fulfilling work environment

Tachibana Enterprises was a golf tour company with a long history in Hawaii. It is a very unique company within the JTB Hawaii Group. Now, in addition to golf business, Tachibana Enterprises has developed wide variety of businesses, such as rental car, gift sales, Japanese answering service, guide assistance and more. My department is in charge of car rental sales and we are committed to providing “safety and security” and “Japan quality” to the ever-increasing “freedom-first” travel style. We aim to provide services that add value to our customers’ lives. It is our greatest pleasure when our customers feel that their drive was enjoyable.

Pursuit of Sustainable Business

The constant awareness of SDG’s and the attitude to achieve the goals may be in the DNA of Tachibana Enterprises. We are committed to connect a wide variety of business activities, and to seek growth and new product development. Our important role is to find sustainable businesses and pass them on to the next generation of employees. I myself am in my 10th year with the company, and this DNA is completely ingrained in my body.

From “ONE Tachibana” to “ONE JTB

Only employees of this company can understand the sense of security and comfort of working for a global brand that is “from the world” and “arriving the world. This is a great motivation that sparks new creativity and energy, and creates a challenging mindset to overcome many challenges. This spirit will grow Tachibana’s team strength and make us “ONE Tachibana” to “ONE JTB”. We feel that this will lead us to the next stage of our growth until people say, “Tachibana is the best”.

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