About JTB Hawaii Group

JTB Hawaii is a dynamic leader in travel services, event planning and management, and transportation. The company has evolved from its roots in servicing only inbound Japanese travelers to its current position as a provider of creative and comprehensive global travel and entertainment solutions.


At JTB Hawaii, our guiding principle is Excellence!

JTB Hawaii has four operating subsidiaries (LLCs, Inc.) charged with maintaining leadership positions in their respective areas of activity while forging synergies across business lines, uncovering new market possibilities and delivering unexpected value. The visitor industry professionals that make up the JTB Hawaii Group are committed to working together seamlessly to provide our customers with an integrated spectrum of services that deliver peace of mind, satisfaction and memories of a lifetime.

We take great pleasure in pleasing our customers.
We provide a tailor-made service to our customers visiting Hawaii from all over the world, ranging from travel planning to coordination, referrals, transportation and merchandising and event management. With the combination of each of our subsidiaries’ specialties and our experience of serving tourists for more than half a century, we strive to meet the various needs of our customers in a seamless manner.
Tetsuya Kubo
JTB Hawaii, Inc. President & CEO


As a member of the JTB group, we make a contribution to the enterprise of generating value through cultural exchanges, by means of providing our customers with opportunities to experience the unique history and culture of the islands of Hawaiʻi.

Our promises to customers:
We put customers first and strive to provide services that make their travel experience exciting, safe, and satisfying.

  1. We shall comply with all applicable laws, and conduct business activities in a fair and transparent manner.
  2. We shall ensure that all business dealings are open and honest, as viewed from the customers’ perspective.
  3. We shall strengthen cooperation with our business partners through transparent, open, and honest dealings.
  4. We shall compete openly and honestly with competitors.
  5. We shall meet the expectations of all of our stakeholders by disclosing information appropriately, and through the proper distribution of profits.
  6. We shall make every effort toward the preservation of natural resources and the global environment.
  7. We shall exhibit the highest respect for the rights of our employees in fostering a fair and autonomous corporate culture.


We opened our Honolulu offices over half a century ago in 1964 and are the first Japanese travel company to establish a presence in Hawaii. With approximately 270 employees, we have offices on Oahu and the Big Island. JTB Hawaii, Inc., has evolved into a full- fledged Destination Management Company (DMC), offering an extensive array of travel, tour and ground transportation services.


Established in June 1, 1964
Capital $2,200,000
Stockholder JTB Americas,Ltd