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Handle golf tours and other miscellaneous business such as Daily Service (fruit baskets & flowers), Moku Nani Hiking Tours, Japanese Answering Service and Nippon Rent-a-Car.



Our Vision
We will strive to excite our Hawaii visitors, and bring them smiles by providing valuable and sustainable services, whether online or offline. We also envision building a stronger business network in Hawaii through meaningful collaborations, in a variety of fields, with our business partners based in Hawaii. We will focus on solutions that create new interactions which, in turn, will strengthen new and existing partnerships.
Craig Ibara
Tachibana Enterprises,LLC
Craig Ibara
Tachibana Enterprises, LLC President


Tachibana Enterprises, LLC opened in 1974 as a golf tour operations company and soon became a market leader in the field. Since its establishment, Tachibana Enterprises, has taken root in Hawaii’s visitor industry through expanded offerings which include car rentals, Japanese-speaking tour guides, on- and offline sales of souvenir and local products, delivery of fruits, flowers, gifts, wine, and more.

Additional businesses operated by Tachibana are a 24-hour Japanese call center support service for our industry partners, and a distributor of amenities to hotel operators. Recently, as part of our SDGs fulfillment efforts, we have partnered with Adon Renewables, a Hawaii-based microgrid energy service provider, in offering their cutting-edge technology to commercial enterprises. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

《Main Business Activities》

  • Golf tour operation including golf course reservations with transportation service, and clubs and shoes rentals
  • Car rental service –Nippon Rent-a-Car
  • Delivery service of a variety of festive gifts including fresh fruit and flower arrangements, specialty cakes, liquor and snack baskets, balloons, and more!
  • Wholesale Hawaii souvenirs
  • Japanese speaking tour guide arrangements
  • 24-hour Japanese call center support service for businesses
  • Commercial microgrid energy system and service (solar power generation) in cooperation with Adon Renewable
  • Commercial distributorship of various hotel amenities

《Service Website 》
Tachibana Enterprises http://www.tachibana.com/en/
My Gift Hawaii https://mygifthawaii.com/
Nippon Rent-A-Car Hawaii https://www.nipponrentacar.co.jp/hawaii/index.html



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