Hawaii’s largest DMC delivering powerful one-stop solutions

We are Hawaii’s largest DMC capable of delivering one-stop solutions to tourists visiting Hawaii from all over the world, and for 55 years we have provided a wide range of services catered to their requests in the fields of travel and event planning/coordination. We have built long-term partnerships with hotels, activity companies, restaurants, and attraction sites in Waikiki and across the State of Hawaii. We proudly provide an “only with JTB” value through our superb customer service, supporting over 700,000 customers per year from their arrival to return with a smile.

  • Inbound tourism such as package tours, group tours, and FITs
  • Destination management, golf tour arrangement, guide dispatch, and travel-related product rental
  • Inbound tourism targeting tourists from mainland U.S. and Asia-Pacific countries
  • Travel planning and coordination for non-JTB customers