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JTB Hawaii Travel has provided on-the-ground travel support services to inbound Japanese travelers under the JTB Hawaii name for decades. We have evolved to expand our operations and have established ourselves as Hawaii’s market leader in innovative entertainment and travel services. We continue to develop and integrate our expertise and experience into travel planning, destination promotion and event management.
We have successfully organized a variety of landmark events; including rock concerts aboard the USS Missouri, colorful galas at an upscale private villa and large-scale athletic events at Hawaii’s leading resort properties.
We continue to build on our popular online hotel reservations network, expand our capabilities to plan and promote local activities and our web publishing initiatives.


Aloha! JTB Hawaii Travel, LLC is Hawaii’s most “olioli” company.

Olioli is a Hawaiian word for joyful. Our mission is to produce “olioli” moments for our customers – we are dedicated to staying close to each of them and helping them make unforgettable memories with our friendly service. We make every effort to keep our promise of satisfying our customers and to fulfill their smallest needs, and we take pride in our unmatched level of hospitality and customer service.

Additionally, our facilities are well-equipped for troubleshooting and ensuring the comfort of our customers, as exemplified by the Olioli HiBUS transportation network, Travel Plazas in four locations (airports, Ala Moana Center, and Waikiki), Olioli Information Center, and Luana Lounges exclusive to Look JTB customers.

Other important missions of ours include minimizing our customers’ inconvenience, increasing the accessibility and quality of our service, and exploring how to develop new services and content.

As a company, we strive for excellence to make sure our customers enjoy their travels, or events, with the “olioli” feeling and we look forward to your visit to Hawaii. It is our utmost pleasure to hear our customers say, “thank you” or “I’ll come back here again soon.”


Tomoyuki Kajihara
JTB Hawaii Travel, LLC
Tomoyuki Kajihara
JTB Hawaii Travel, LLC


JTB Hawaii Travel Inc. celebrated its 55th anniversary in 2019. Our company offers a diverse range of travel services, from group tours of various sizes, budget package tours, luxury tours, destination weddings, custom-made tours to incentive tours and MICE. Our primary customer base consists of Japanese tourists visiting Hawaii and we provide tailor-made destination solutions to their travel and event-related needs. We also help our customers make the most of their stay in Hawaii, with a wide selection of optional tours and coupon books exclusive to JTB customers.
We have also recently expanded the collaboration with our business partners both within and outside of the JTB group. We provide solutions sensitive to the change in trends, including the arrangement of workations and outdoor workspaces, our involvement in the entertainment business, and coordinating TV production travels. Additionally, we are exploring new business fields in collaboration with local business partners and communities, such as the web business represented by our website OLIOLI Hawaii.com, publishing the OLIOLI Book, marketing, and promotion utilizing the infrastructure that JTB Hawaii possess.
In addition to the business partnership, our employees and the volunteer staff work together with the local community to host the Honolulu Marathon in December and the Honolulu Festival, Hawaii’s largest cultural event, in March.
As the largest Japanese travel agent and the best travel service company in Hawaii, our employees are proud to ensure safety, satisfaction, and enjoyment of your Hawaii trip.

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