Higher quality of work, naturally. Introducing CAMPING OFFICE HAWAII Program

August 10, 2020

JTB Co., Ltd. and Snow Peak Business Solutions Co., Ltd. has jointly created, “CAMPING OFFICE HAWAII”, to support companies endorsing “workation”.

Camping Office in Hawaii is a great opportunity to have different perspectives, create team unity, and share your thoughts without job titles by working in a totally different working atmosphere. It’s also great to recognize how much our technology evolved, learn morals, and learn basic outdoor/disaster survival skills.

The concept of Camping Office is to utilize the effect of what camping does, connecting and bringing people together. We focused on improving the relationships between our employees.

It’s all about building a team of good quality relationships that you feel are okay, and that’s why job satisfaction and productivity increase. Building a team with a good relationship, where employees feel comfortable stating their opinions, can enhances job satisfaction and productivity.

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