Honolulu Festival

The JTB Group and JTB Hawaii Inc. have been supporting the Honolulu Festival throughout the years as the Festival captures our company values of ‘generating value through creative exchanges.’​

The Honolulu Festival, which started in 1995, is Hawaii’s largest cultural exchange event held every March by the non-profit Honolulu Festival Foundation. It is operated with the support of the City and County of Honolulu, the Hawaii State Tourism Bureau, JTB, JAL, as well as many local businesses. It is now established as one of the main annual events in Hawaii.​

The Honolulu Festival’s themes are “Pacific Harmony” & “Love and Trust”, and its purpose is to seek a peaceful way of life through cultural exchanges between different races. We will continue to expand the circle of exchanges between ethnic groups and generations. The Festival provides a place for mutual understanding and learning and creates a circle of goodwill between not only Japan and Hawaii, but the entire Pacific Rim region to foster world peace.

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