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Chiaki Crowder
JTB Hawaii Travel, LLC / Web Business Department
Joined in 2007
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Teamwork as the key to success in fast-paced web business

The best part of web business is its fast-paced nature. You can put your idea into practice more rapidly than in other business fields, which gives you a sense of accomplishment. It is also rewarding to see the reactions to our contents in data visible to anyone. I find it enjoyable to repeat the process of analyzing the reactions and re-evaluating and improving our contents, as it makes me feel like we are always progressing. As a web business team, we set our goals and define the process that helps us achieve them. In particular, there is a system in place where each of the team members utilizes their expertise, assist each other with implementing our plan, and produce tangible results. Feeling a sense of unity by running a website as a team is another rewarding part of my job.

Their respect for work-life balance

Many of my colleagues are raising children, and I feel like my company is very understanding of work-life balance. And thanks to our strong teamwork, I feel comfortable with having to leave work early or miss work at a short notice, which reduces stress from issues with juggling work and family. There is also a variety of seminars available to employees, ranging from travel industry-related topics like business English and Hawaii tourism, physical activities like yoga and stretching, to topics relevant to our daily lives such as introductory nutrition, how to buy real estate, and how to save for retirement. Those seminars remind me of the importance of learning new things, since even the topics not directly related to my job may result in the knowledge that leads to ideas for a new project.

Global career with potential for growth

Working abroad can be a big challenge, but my superiors at work are very friendly and you can take your time learning how to do your job. One of the unique and valuable parts about working for JTB is that you get to meet people from diverse backgrounds, as your role is to connect people from Japan and here in Hawaii. Career in JTB gives you opportunities to make you grow professionally and personally, by making global connections with people from Hawaii, Japan, and the mainland US. I look forward to working with you!

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