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Jimmy Soga
JTB Hawaii Travel, LLC / DMC/Destination Management & Products / Specialist
Joined in 2015
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To be able to collectively co-create an event with clients

My department is a bit unique in the sense that we don’t belong to the group travel or individual travel (LOOK) depertment and are in charge of coming up with ideas for new business development whether it’s services, products, marketing, promotions for JTB Hawaii Travel. We also specialize in assisting media/entertainment inquiries from Japan for film/photo shoots to promotional events.
What I like the most about my job is that every project is unique and my role may vary from project to project. However, the experience or knowledge you learned from another project can be a very useful tool to provide a better service and help advise the clients to fullfill their needs.

Provide services that no other can

I like the fact that our company has a lot of history and connection with Hawaii and is one of the main bridges that connects Japan and Hawaii. We are able to assist and provide services that no other companies can offer. One of the best examples is the Nagaoka fireworks at Pearl Harbor. The city of Nagaoka, which is the sister city of Honolulu, wanted to launch their world renoun fireworks to honor the memory of the war’s victims and celebrates 70 years of peace and friendship between US and Japan. However, the initial request was denied due to the sensativity of bringing foreign explosives into Hawaii and into a military base. JTB Hawaii was able to assist in the approval by annually launching the fireworks at the JTB sponsored Honolulu Festival, creating a presedent and providing logistics on how and where the fireworks will be transported, stored and secured. After 6 years of multiple proposals and talks with the city of Honolulu and the United States Navy, the two cities came to an agreement and Nagaoka was able to launch their fireworks as a symbol of peace, friendship and reconciliation at the Pearl Harbor’s “70 Years of Peace” event. Thus, for many years, JTB Hawaii bas been involved behind the scenes in various events.

Variety of work duties

We handle a wide variety of occupations including but not limited to, group/individual travels arrengements, customer support, planning proposals, PR media, event management, marketing, hotel sales, local activities sales, wedding packages, publishing and more. In particular, the Honolulu Festival, the Honolulu Rainbow Ekiden, and the Aloha Dance Convention, all of which are major annual events are done across different departments. You will be able to experience a lot of different thiings and its never mundane.

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