Always put a smile on your face

Kaoru Dejesus
JTB Hawaii Travel, LLC / Customer Service
Joined in 2017
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Hearing customers say “thank you”

Customer Service is the only department of JTB Hawaii where you can communicate with our customers face to face. We serve our customers at multiple locations, including airports, JTB Plazas, OLIOLI stations, and information centers. I work in the JTB Plaza, where I provide services such as restaurant reservations, selling optional tours, and resolving other issues during our customers’ stay in Hawaii. A lot of customers visit the plaza every day with various issues and questions, which requires me to act flexibly. There are bad days where things do not go well, but I always bring them up to my boss, work with my colleagues to resolve them, and learn from the experience for my professional growth. I make my best effort to help resolve any problems our customers are experiencing, and make sure that they are having a great stay in Hawaii. Hearing our customers say “thank you for your help, I’ll visit Hawaii again” always makes my job so worth it!

Company encourages work-family balance

I feel like our company encourages work-family balance, with a large number of female employees and employees who are raising children. Many of our tasks involve working in a team, so people at work are very friendly and easy to talk to. We also make sure to keep each other updated about latest local trends, so as to keep up with our customers’ changing needs. So we talk a lot – not just about work, but things like how we spend our day off.

Delivering Japanese hospitality in Hawaii

Our job is to provide Japanese quality hospitality to our customers visiting Hawaii. It is of utmost importance to always have our customers in mind in solving even the smallest issues. The job could be challenging, but you get to learn how to do your job from friendly colleagues. Let’s join our JTB team and help our customers enjoy their time in Hawaii!

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