Hard work brings success

Kamolrat Newsham
JTB Hawaii, Inc. / Accounting
Joined in 2014
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I enjoy the type of work that I’m handling

My assignments at work align with my interest. That is, I work with numbers and I keep records of the company’s financial transactions. My pride is being able to complete my tasks on time, and accurately. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. My assignments also change at times, which I find challenging and gives me an opportunity to learn new things and promote my personal growth.

I am proud to work at one of the most recognizable travel agencies in Hawaii.

JTB has operated in Hawaii for decades and has grown over time. Over the course of my time working at JTB, I have seen that the company has always tried to adapt to changes in the community while being responsible for the environment and its employees. JTB always find ways to provide excellent experience to customers, as I see it always searches for new great tourist attractions. JTB introducing electric buses in 2019 shows me it cares for the environment. JTB also has ways for employees to express their opinion about their work / company. It’s no surprise to me that JTB has stayed in business for so long and that many people recognize JTB as one of the best travel agencies in Hawaii, and I’m proud to be a part of that.

Message to new employees / hires

There are many things to learn from while working at JTB. What makes working even more enjoyable is that there are great colleagues at JTB. I find that people here are very nice and friendly, and we have great teamwork. People who work here are very diverse as well. I have colleagues who speak Japanese, Chinese, etc. It’s a nice and fun environment to work at. I believe others would feel the same too!

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