We promise our service makes customer's Smile and Impression!

Mizuho Oathoudt
Tachibana Enterprises, LLC / Golf & Option, Japanese Answering Service and My Gift Hawaii / Sr. Manager
Joined in 2001
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Seeing a customer’s smiles are my happiness!

After more than 15 years of experiences in the travel industry, I am working at Tachibana Enterprises now. For all of my working history, there was always smile on the face of the customer. To see smile of the customers are my happiness and that keeps me working forward. We are always aiming for heights place to meet this smile and to help our customers with their memorable trips to Hawaii.

Team work is the key!

The strength of Tachibana Enterprises is “Teamwork”. Tachibana’s power is to constantly tackle problems and overcome them with our “Teamwork”. That is the power of Tachibana and I am growing with this team. Being able to work with the best of my colleagues in a comfortable environment is an irreplaceable treasure for me.

Uniqueness of Tachibana

Tachibana Enterprises was founded as a golf tour company, but now it also has” Japanese Answering Service” that Japanese speaking operators can assist you in case of an emergency at night, also “My Gift Hawaii” that can support your shopping in Hawaii. Also, there are Nippon Rent A Car, and Guide Service department. Tachibana Enterprise is developing a slightly unique business within the JTB Group. Why don’t you show your strength at Tachibana Enterprises, which aims to provide a service makes “smiles and excitement to customers”?

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